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Are you a sweet tooth?

Gisela RouxComment

Some of us just crave that sweet stuff!  It can be difficult to calm that 'sugar monster' and keep it sleeping...zzzz

But being clever and try to snack on natural low carb sweets is possible.  There is such an abundant amount of recipe's and ideas from bloggers and facebook sites.  So why invent the wheel.  The most important thing is to know where and how much to fit into your daily eating to still have a healthy relationship with food and be happy about it!  I always say to my clients, we are not robot's, we are humans with feelings and cravings.  It is not to never eat sweets again, it is how to eat them...and be happy and healthy!

 Recipe's from 'Low Carb Yum

Recipe's from 'Low Carb Yum