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What’s your Nutrition IQ?

NutritionAndrea BreauComment

Never before, in my 15 years as a dietitian, has food and nutrition been so in the lime light and an interest in all people, as now. From vegan, gluten free, whole foods, organic, superfoods and I can go on and on. I struggle to keep up to date with all the latest information, diets, fads, that I can totally understand that a lot of you feel overwhelm when it comes to your diet. I get asked a lot; “What is the right way to eat?” “Should I avoid gluten?”, “Is going vegan better for my health?” or “What is Paleo all about?”

This heightened interest in nutrition and health is a good thing, because it makes people realize the importance of nutrition as food and medicine! Nutrition helps us to live a healthy lifestyle and help prevent diseases.
But in this era of overflow information it became extremely important to improve our knowledge of nutrition and help us to choose the right nutrition path for your life.

My goal is to help you educate yourself regarding nutrition and IMPROVE YOUR Nutrition IQ, so you can make an educated choice regarding food and your health and not be drawn into false, fad information unknowingly. So enjoy this journey of improving your food IQ with me, to help you GLOW!